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Alaskan Interstate 98

Interstate 98 Shield

Alaskan Interstate 98, otherwise known as just Interstate 98, is a north-south interstate highway that spans most of Alaska (Interstate 98 is approximately 1,070 miles long). It begins from branching off the Dalton Highway in Prudhoe Bay and ends in Homer by connecting to AK-1 just before the Homer Spit.

Exits / Route Description[]

North Slope[]

Mileage Exit No. Exit City
0 N/A AK-11 Prudhoe Bay
238 1 Coldfoot Rd Coldfoot
480 2 AK-6 Fox
482 3 Goldstream Rd Fairbanks
487 4 Chena Hot Springs Rd Fairbanks North Star
489 5 Farmers Loop Rd Fairbanks North Star